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Search Engine Optimization – the key to getting noticed these days. Rising above the noise of the Internet is necessary and essential. Not only do we understand SEO but we can provide strategies that will boost your SERP!

web 2.0Keep Up With Your Competitors!

Today it’s responsive, interactive websites, video, audio, and locking your clients into a comprehensive experience.  The ability to change content as fast as today’s mobile world – that’s Web 2.0 and beyond.

The Big Three: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress are content Management Systems (CMS) with the ability to change content quickly as today’s fast-paced markets.  Don’t be caught with a non-responsive, outdated site!

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  • We like two companies for hosting your website: A2 Hosting and Arvixe.


  • SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it simply means a strategy that allows search engines like Google to find and rate your site higher than your competitors.  Schemes for this abound but VisionStrike has a simple, organic method that gets results!

  • Content Management Systems are websites that allow designers and clients to enter information in a simple way.  A blog (like WordPress and Blogger) are examples of Content Management Systems.   We build beautiful websites on the various CMS frameworks that then allow our clients to manage the content of their sites themselves.

  • In a word, don’t.  Flash is a dying technology and browsers (the thing that allows you to connect to the Internet) are blocking Flash these days.  Also, Google does not give you as good a result if your site is Flash-based.  The last year, all of our clients have gone to a non-Flash solution for their websites.

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  • EarthlightLED


    Visit Site EarthlightLED is the brainchild of the most unique character I’ve met.  Bob has headed up large corporations, built and sold companies, and is a terrific writer.  What’s he do now?  He’s a professional fisherman who writes about fishing.

  • Vital Chiropractic

    Vital Chiropractic

    Visit Site I’ve mentioned Dr. Nick K. in another post but the reason I’m also including this site is because this was the most recent site I’d built for him and the 1st site of his that wasn’t build by me in Flash. Content management is key in today’s mobile and fast-changing world.  Nick likes […]

  • Masters Hall Of Fame

    Masters Hall Of Fame

    Visit Site Although I didn’t build this site I had a hand in it to help a good friend build it.  And now, since he’s not able to continue with it, I will be taking it over and maintaining it.  Once the awards banquet is done., I plan to migrate it to Drupal 7.x.  Currently […]

  • Yudansha.Org


    Visit Site Yudansha is a word to describe the black belts in a martial arts dojo.  The amount of respect, tradition and honor given to these men and women is never over-stated.  They work long, hard hours to achive their ranks and continue to learn even after achieving “Shodan” – 1st Degree Black Belt.  In […]

  • Ritz Restaurant

    Ritz Restaurant

    Visit Site The Ritz was a labor of love for several reasons.  Hans Praeger was a legendary restaurateur in Newport Beach and his legacy is the Ritz.  Under current managing partner Ray Jacobi, the elegance and classy presentation has continued and expanded ten-fold. When I saw their site after having dinner there I couldn’t believe […]

  • Summer Photography

    Summer Photography

    Visit Site Sloan, a very talented, award-winning photographer was one of my first clients.  When she expanded she needed a new site.  The idea of being able to update easily was key. I installed a framework that fed from a Flickr gallery so Sloan could use an interface that was easy for her to utilize […]

  • Alexander, Nau, et al.

    Alexander, Nau, et al.

    Visit Site Alexander, Nau, Lawrence, Frumes & Labowitz, LLP is a Century City-based boutique entertainment law firm.  They don’t see a lot of need for a highly-functioning website but like all legal firms they do need some. I’ve always seen them as locked into the beat of Los Angeles as certainly as Sunset Blvd since […]

  • OC Screenwriters

    OC Screenwriters

    Visit Site OC Screenwriters is a huge site built in Drupal 6.x .  At some point I will port it over to D7 but that’s going to wait until the framework is ready for primetime.  Perhaps this summer. It’s become a huge site because Drupal is controllable and scalable.  There are hundreds of pages to […]

  • Byrd Electronics

    Byrd Electronics

    Visit Site Byrd was the biggest site I had done up to that point.  Bob is an engineer and he wasn’t about to relinquish control over his company’s image so he kept me on a tight leash for months.  He liked the way Flash presented itself so I designed a few frameworks until we finally […]

  • Vital Infusion Labs

    Vital Infusion Labs

    Visit Site One of my favorite clients for several reasons, Dr. Nick and I have done seven sites together.  What I like most about Nick is he’s appreciative.  When I do something he likes he’s effusive with his praise.  He helps, not hinders, the creative process by being suggestive but not disrespectful.  I guess most, […]

  • MAOC


    Visit Site The MAOC uses Joomla for their framework.  It’s solid, highly-functioning, scalable and looks great when a pretty template is used.  It isn’t, however, for the faint-of-heart especially since the redesign I did involved upgrading the core to 1.7x and that presents a whole new set of nightmares for a mature site. The MAOC […]

  • PhoneGuys


    Visit Site I’d started under a different owner with Phoneguys and using HTML and CSS done a pretty good site.  There was already a Miva-merchant shopping cart in place so I didn’t do any of that work.  But after Wayne sold the business the new owner wanted something different, more corporate. He called me in […]

  • Gregory Deptero

    Gregory Deptero

    Visit Site Greg is a multi-talent and I’ve done three sites for him.  His last one was the one he needed the most when we did it, which was his actor site.  He was about to put a push on for his career and he wanted a new site like yesterday. Complicating this a bit […]

  • The Greyhounds

    The Greyhounds

    Visit Site Another friend, one who is an attorney-by-day and a musician at night.  I call his band a midlife-crises band although he’s too young for that appellation.  I heard them one night and pitched them on the idea of a web presence.  Nothing involved.  More art than anything else. I enjoyed working on the […]

  • Daniel Hect

    Daniel Hect

    Visit Site Daniel Hect is one of the busiest men I know.  He’s a cop, soldier, father, martial artist, dog breeder and CEO of the Masters Hall of Fame (site) which puts on a huge awards event each year. With most sites, I struggle to help build content for my clients; with Dan it was […]

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